Our Sensory Resources and Their Benefits

Our Sensory Resources and Their Benefits

Our Sensory Resources and Their Benefits

Photo of the luna sensory room and resources

Find out more about our sensory resources and their benefits by taking a step inside Sensory Planet. You’ll soon discover a new world of possibilities. Both of our multisensory rooms have been designed to be disability-friendly with welcoming staff, disabled toilets and accessible parking bays onsite. 

We’ve seen that sensory play brings many benefits to visitors across the generations. Here, they’ll relax and enjoy nurturing respite from the outside world whilst creating memories. Keen to learn more? Join us on a tour of our inclusive resources in this guide to what makes Sensory Planet so special. 

The Luna Interactive Room 

One of two Snoezelen-friendly multisensory environments, the inviting Luna Interactive room (like the Galactic Ultraviolet space) can provide welcome relief by engaging those with: 

  • Physical disabilities 
  • Learning difficulties 
  • Mental health conditions 
  • Dementia. 

Gaze into the ‘spellbinding’ bubble tube as it’s reflected in mirrored wall panels. Feel the many fibre optic strands with your hands. Look into the infinity wall panel. These sensory resources create a fascinating space for all ages. 

Combined with tactile wall panels and crash mats with soft cushions, the Luna room can help all participants to destress and stimulate their senses for a happier mood. They’ll also develop their fine and gross motor skills, whilst stacking and picking things up. 

Find a joyous judgement-free space where everyone can explore the world around them whilst practising verbal and non-verbal communication. It’s all part of What Makes a Great Sensory Room

The Galactic Ultraviolet Room 

Greeted by dreamy blue-violet lighting, both younger and older visitors will enjoy watching the glowing fibre-optic waterfall. Alternatively, rest awhile on the heated waterbed. A ‘stained glass’ effect wall panel features illuminated shapes and colours that’ll draw everyone closer to explore. With different movement and tactile qualities, our blend of sensory resources strengthens Sensory Integration in Dementia and Older Aged Clients or the Sensory Development of Children.  

Arrive with confidence knowing the person you care for will feel comfortable. Each room is offered for private hire (up to five VIPs). This can ease social anxiety among children and adults living with ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, GDD, Down’s Syndrome, dementia or poor mental health. 

Spaces that Support the Individual’s Needs 

Respecting the individual in terms of how quiet or loud they would like the room, we’ll create a mood that’ll support their needs. You’ll then find a relaxing or energetic environment suited to the individual child or adult. 

Similarly, extra resources are placed within the sensory rooms. These sensory aides are pitched to the age of the person you care for, making sure that everything found there will be super safe and appeal to them. 

Toys and Sensory Boxes 

Mums, dads and grandparents can enjoy taking part in their little one’s playtime with our range of baby toys. Improving their sensory development, toddlers and children will be inspired to interact with: 

  • A space rocket tower 
  • Building blocks 
  • Wooden trains and tracks 
  • Toy cars and soft ‘road’ mats 
  • Multicoloured sensory toys. 

Feeling free to play can calm younger visitors with mental health, learning or physical disabilities. There’s also the bonus that interacting with their favourite toys strengthens their motor skills. 

Like children, adults of all ages can benefit from our sensory boxes and playing/hearing musical instruments (which we provide). Older people may remember a tune or start to tap their feet, as “music and art can enrich the lives of people with Alzheimer’s disease” throughout its different stages. 

Book a Day Out Everyone Will Enjoy 

These family-friendly resources are a lifeline for people with additional needs. And we pride ourselves on providing inclusive spaces where everyone feels empowered to interact within these multisensory resources. Call us on 01709 919036 (option 2) or view our Contact page to book a fun-filled visit.