Questions for Those Accompanying Someone with Dementia

Questions for Those Accompanying Someone with Dementia

Questions for Those Accompanying Someone with Dementia

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We want every visitor and their family or carer to benefit from their booking at Sensory Planet. 

Understandably, part of your session’s success includes knowing what to expect from your visit. Marking World Alzheimer's Month 2023, we’ve answered some of the key questions you may have about our Knottingley centre. 

Together, we can embrace this year’s awareness theme of ‘Never too early, never too late’ which includes “adopting proactive risk reduction measures to delay … the onset of dementia” (Alzheimer's Disease International). 

What are the Potential Benefits of Visiting Sensory Planet?

Our two rooms offer sensory spaces that can be customised to be either stimulating or soothing. Studies have shown that “sensory stimulation can effectively improve the cognition and memory” in Alzheimer’s patients. 

Whilst unfortunately, sensory play is not a cure, it offers a comfortable respite from the realities of living with a diagnosis for the entire support network. Read our blog The Importance of Sensory Integration on Dementia and Older Aged Clients to discover more. 

Will I Have to Leave my Relative/the Person I Care for Unattended?

Not at all. You will stay with them during their Snoezelen-friendly session. Our friendly, qualified staff will also be onsite to answer any questions and provide a warm welcome. 

A group of up to five people can explore our Galactic Ultraviolet and/or Luna Interactive sensory rooms with each booking. So why not invite family members and friends to join them here? 

What Sensory Equipment is Found in Each Sensory Roo?

We’ll ensure that the space(s) you hire are calming or stimulating to meet the person with dementia’s needs. This helps to avoid overwhelm. Simply request your preference when making a booking. 

Besides the dreamy lighting, glowing fibre-optic waterfall and a ‘spellbinding’ bubble tube waiting to be explored, many of the items found within these spaces are tactile or interactive. Additional sensory aides can also be placed in the room(s) before you arrive. 

Explore what you’ll discover in our guide to Sensory Planet’s Sensory Resources and Their Benefits

How Much Does It Cost to Book a Sensory Room?

The cost is £20 per room and sessions last for 90 minutes. Or, you can hire both of our Snoezelen-friendly spaces (at the same time) for £35. 

Allowing up to 10 people the chance to enjoy Sensory Planet, many small and large groups prefer having exclusive access to both Galactic Ultraviolet and Luna Interactive, so they can fully explore the sensory rooms. 

We’re confident everyone will enjoy their time here. And, you can make regular block bookings to repeat the experience. This would offer multiple soothing sessions for those with dementia and their carers/families. 

Is Access and Parking Difficult at Sensory Planet?

Clued up on the challenges that those with dementia and their carers/families face, we’re proud to say that our site and parking situation have been carefully designed to be accessible during your visit. 

Parking includes accessible parking bays. Then, once you step inside Sensory Planet, you’ll find level access points, wide corridors and accessible toilets. 

If the person you care for has an assistance dog, they’re also invited. Simply let us know your needs at the time of booking and we’ll provide a cooling water bowl. 

Sensory Rooms Benefit Many People Diagnosed with Dementia

We hope to ease the burden for those living with dementia during World Alzheimer’s Month and beyond. Unwind and play within our two amazing sensory spaces, knowing we’ll take care of your group’s needs. 

Contact our welcoming team or call 01709 919036 (Option 2) to find out more and book your visit.